How Does It Work

After placing your order online you will be sent a kit to take your prints. If you have your own prints you can upload them. The price of the handmade jewellery includes the cost of sending a kit out to you, a postage paid envelope to return the print and the cost of sending the finished piece.

If you are a non UK customer there will be an extra charge to cover the international postage cost.

Silver Charms

All of the handmade solid silver charms are formed from using PMC (Precious Metal Clay). This is pure silver in a clay form combined with a binding agent and water. Once your order is received I will send you one of our very easy to use impression packs and instructions.

When I receive your prints I make a mould to transfer your prints into the silver clay. The clay is then dried, engraved, sanded and fired. The binding agent burns away leaving 99.9% pure silver. The Charm is then polished and boxed.

The charm can be hallmarked though it is not requirement on jewellery that weighs less than 7.78 grams. If you would like your charm hallmarked please see the FAQ and contact me for more information.

Transferring a hand, foot, baby scan, kiss, child’s drawing or paw prints onto jewellery

You can scan and email, or photocopy and post your drawing or print. You can obtain an image of your hand or foot print by inking or painting the palm or foot and pressing this onto a piece of WHITE paper, try to avoid using yellow, the better the image at this stage, the better the end result. You don’t have to send the original. If you are unsure if your print is suitable please contact us.

Alternatively I can send you an inkless wipe kit. The inkless wipe kits are easy to use and mess free.

The pack has a non-toxic and mess free inkless wipe and two sheets of special coated paper. This is Non-toxic and safe to use. It was developed in the USA to footprint newborn babies for identification. It’s clean and easy to use – No paint or ink required so no mess!!

Rub the wipe onto the hand, foot or paw and then pressed onto the paper, as a result a perfect print is make without any of the mess of using paint.

If you are sending a child’s drawing try and choose one with strong lines. Detailed pictures don’t work as well as the picture is made considerably smaller and some detail can be lost. Stick men work well with strong black lines. We do not need the original a photocopy will do.

The print is scanned, edited and resized. A negative is then made and from that a stamp is created under an ultra violet lamp. This is then transformed into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

I keep your prints for 12 months should you wish to purchase something else at a later date.

Fingerprint/Baby Nail impressions

The impression pack contains a moulding compound, which comes in two pots. The compound should be combined until only one colour can be seen, then rolled into a ball. Your finger is then pressed into the compound to create a fingerprint impression. The compound should then be left to harden before placing back into the supplied packaging for postage back to me.

Instructions for using the moulding compound kit

Remove the compound from the pots and combined both parts and mix well until there’s is no veining or streaking and only one colour can be seen. Work quickly to avoid the compound curing before use. Roll into a ball and place on a flat surface. Press your finger into the compound, wait 1 Minute, then carefully remove. Be careful not to use the tip of your finger as you are trying to capture the full finger print. Allow the compound to harden before placing back into the supplied packaging.

Instructions for using an inkless wipe kit.

Rub the wipe onto the hand, foot or paw and then press onto the paper, and remove. If you want a second try I have enclosed a 2nd piece of paper. Return to the address supplied.

Instructions on how to take an inked finger print

  1. Taking the print is easy, all you need is a soft pencil, a sheet of white paper and some clear sticky tape.
  2. Using the pencil repeatedly colour over small area of paper just larger than your fingertip.
  3. Rub a dry finger onto the paper ensuring the finger is well covered with the pencil lead.
  4. Place the finger onto the sticky side of some clear sticky tape.
  5. Peel off the tape and stick the tape onto a clean sheet of paper. You should now be able to see your finger print.
  6. Take several prints and we will use the best one
  7. You can now upload, e-mail or post the prints.

Tips for taking hand, foot and paw prints when using an inkless wipe kit

If you are taking the prints from a small child wait until they are in a good mood and not hungry or tired.

When taking prints from little ones it’s a little easier to cut the paper in half.

Get someone to help you.

It’s quite tricky to see which side of the paper is the correct side so wipe the tip of your finger onto the wipe and put it in the corner of the paper, you will see within seconds if it’s the right side or not.

Try and get a couple of prints on the paper rather than one in the centre, so I can choose the best one.

Don’t worry if fingers and toes move on the page these can be edited out.

Taking a paw print without using a kit.

Walk your pet through a small puddle of water, then walk them onto a dry surface and take a photo.

Alternatively, if your pet has walked through sand, mud or snow take a picture of the imprint.

Send the photographs to us and we can work from them.

Please see the example photos